Stop Junk Mail

Is your planet struggling under the burden of too much junk mail ?

Watch out for these tell-tale signs:

  • Acute shortage of trees
  • Construction of new pulp-mills
  • Recycling bins the size of a small fridge
  • Awareness of current supermarket discounts
  • Free newspapers delivered by forklift
  • Nowhere safe to dump your CO2 emissions
  • Brilliant Andrew Weldon CartoonCartoon reproduced with the kind permission of the artist, Andrew Weldon, who retains the copyright. Please do not copy it, but buy something containing his work, such as the Australian Big Issue, or his books.

    Every kilogram of paper that doesn't get produced saves over 1.3 kg of CO2-e emissions and 26 litres of water (those are the numbers from an efficient Scandanavian plant).

    So if you aren't making full use of your junk mail, put a stop to it !

    Inside Australia ?

    Choose from our extensive range of designs, and send no money and a stamped self-addressed envelope (that's an envelope with an unused 50c stamp and your name/address on the outside) to the corresponding address.

    No Leaflets No Free papers

    "No No"
    This design is ideal for someone with no mail box, but also works well for people who want no junk mail.

    Send a stamped self-addressed envelope to:
    "No No"
    22 Morrice St
    Lane Cove
    NSW 2066

    No junk mail Yes to free papers

    "No Yes"
    This design is for those who hate junk mail, but love their free newspapers.

    Send a stamped self-addressed envelope to:
    "No Yes"
    22 Morrice St
    Lane Cove
    NSW 2066

    Outside Australia ?

    This offer is only available to people living in Australia, but there are similar resources available elsewhere.

    Canada - or at least Calgary
    New Zealand - Have a look at this excellent idea & copy it !
    United Kingdom - visit the Stop Junk Mail campaign who designed these stickers
    USA - This site may offend, so view with caution, but they have some good ideas (and some which could probably get you arrested)
    Rest of the world - start your own similar campaign - contact mail address 



    The idea for this site and the original design for these stickers comes (with kind permission) from the excellent Stop Junk Mail campaign in the UK.